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How to bounce back from a diet slip-up

There's nothing like a snow day (we got hammered again in the NY area) to cause one to spiral downward into an eating disaster. Well, both kids were home (schools were closed) and cooped up inside. Despite the fact that we had a babysitter, my kids wanted to be with...guess who? Yours truly. "Mommy, NEED you" my two-year-old daughter kept telling me as she crept into my home office. My son wanted me to help him drag out old boxes of toys. AND I had a full day's work to do. So what did I do instead of coping with it (or maybe doing a stint on my home elliptical)? Headed for the snacks cabinet (I need to get rid of the junk in that cabinet, I have subsequently decided). Jellybeans were my late morning snack, Hershey's kisses were my lunchtime snack, and some caramel corn was my late afternoon snack. Here's what I learned from this (as EVERY slip up IS a learning opportunity):

1) Some days are just bad eating days. You've got to accept it and forget about any potential diet damage you've done. And comfort food while the winds are howling and the snow is falling are just that: COMFORT foods. Truth is, I quite enjoyed them.

2) Figure out why the slip-ups happened. For me, I'm tired. In the last two nights I've gotten a total of about 9 hours of sleep (about 4.5 hours a night). When you're tired, you have less willpower. I should have taken a cat nap late morning (as I was home anyway) or done at least 10 minutes on the elliptical to get my energy up.

3) Get right back on track. I'm heading to bed early tonight and then planning on doing a power workout in the morning.

4) Be realistic about the damage done. Truth is you need to eat 3,500 extra calories to gain a pound. I definitely did not eat that much—and usually a diet disaster is worse in your mind that it is on your hips!

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