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How do you stay fit?

I love routine. I can’t always have as consistent a schedule as I would like, but I tend to self-structure my days when they’re wide open. I adore exercise. I like the feeling of pushing myself and knowing that my muscles are toning and I’m improving my cardio abilities. I love the endorphin rush, and I love the burst of energy exercise gives me. But if I’m inactive for a few days, I start to feel lazy and tired, and it gets harder to hit the gym. The best way for me to keep loving exercise is to keep working out, 4-6 days a week. Entering college for me was like a new beginning and I used the opportunity to get into new fitness habits, and I ‘ve stuck with it! Of course, I don’t strength train nearly as much as I need to, and I eat dessert a lot more frequently than I should (as mentioned previously), but overall I take great care of myself. I decided to use the Freshman Fifteen myth as a challenge; I would not gain those 15 pounds just because everyone said I would… and I didn’t!

But I know I’m not the only student out here, and I’m wondering: how do you feel about exercise? Do you stick to a structured routine or are you more spontaneous throughout the day?

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