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How I got tank-top toned (aka Me & My "Muscle Shirt")

For many years, I have not been a fan of sleeveless tanks, for the simple, honest reason that my arms have just not been toned enough to carry them off. I've always done biceps curls, push-ups, and a few other arm toning exercises here and there, but never as regularly I've done them and other arm moves over the past year or so. (The key, I've discovered from reading our Target Training and other fitness features, is working out your arms, back, and shoulders from different angles regularly and consistently.) So now I wear them all the time: more sophisticated styles at work with a sweater and casual ones on weekends. My husband jokingly calls them my muscle shirts--and now my 5-year-old son only wants to wear similar styles. 'Mom,' he says, 'I want you to wear your muscle shirt. I'm wearing mine!'

One daily change: if there's a body part you're hiding with sleeves or any, kind of fabric, make a vow to tone that area up so you can have your big reveal. And know that you DO have the power to make that change.


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