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How I turned my disastrous 'do into healthy hair!

For the past year, with my newly active lifestyle, I admit it, I haven’t cared as much about my looks (okay maybe I’ve also felt content because I’m in a relationship too—a big no no ladies!). Of course I’m always put together and dressed nicely, but my hair used to always be my top priority. Getting hair cuts, highlights, and keratin treatments—lets face it, anything that might give my hair that extra oomph—I was the first to try. But when I started swimming a few nights a week I began to care less about having a perfectly styled blowout every day—natural waves from a night of sleeping on wet hair looked surprisingly well on me, and it gave me, and my strands, a break from the blow dryer. So for the past year I’ve been much more relaxed in my attempt to have perfect hair every day. Plus, months had gone by without making it in to my stylist and I realized my highlights had begun to grow out— my natural color didn’t look that bad. So, a combination of less heat and no bleach, transformed my once dry and dull strands into silky smooth waves that I’m now loving!


But, it was time to make a stop at my stylist at Butterfly Studio Salon in NYC (we write about them often in the magazine and go to their experts for gorgeous hair advice--they're the best!). Roman’s first reaction: “What do we have going on here Jenna?” made me take a longer look at what my do had turned into. Since I was attempting to grow out my hair for the first time in years (well, I am getting married!), I hadn’t considered that you can still look good while you’re in that in-between phase. So, we did away with my half-head two color thing I had going on (I guess the bottom part of my hair was sort of washed out white blonde and the top more of my natural color)—why didn’t anyone tell me I looked so weird? Low-lights and a trim did the trick. Even though Roman says that realistically in one year my hair won’t be as long as I’m envisioning it for my big day (we’re just going to use clip-ins to give me more volume), keeping on top of my hair, just as I do with my workouts and diet, will make it healthier and stronger for months to come. I almost feel like I can’t wait to have nice hair for once in my life—what a liberating feeling after years and years of damaging my do!


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