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How to Love Winter Workouts When You’re Not a Winter Person

I am no winter lover. Trust me; I think anything below 80 degrees is too cold. But here’s what gets me out there day after day: A list. (Well, that and a running buddy waiting on the corner, but that’s a whole different post.)

When I record my workouts, I also jot down the temperature and the outfit that worked at that temp. That way, after a week of 50-degree days, I know what won’t leave me miserable on the day it dips to 33 (or “feels like 4!”).

Sounds geeky and labor intensive, but it only takes a second. Just note the major concepts (as in: 50 degrees, 6 a.m., no sun = autumn pullover, long-sleeved base layer, thermal tights and gloves. No wool socks yet). Then check the predicted temperature the night before, consult your list, and lay your clothes out. Being dressed right for the temperature does wonders for how much you love your workout that day. It only takes a minute to tip the scales in favor of “I felt great.” And yes, a friend and I really went running in the blizzard captured in the photo you see here. And yes, I was comfortable.


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