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How one woman stays young and healthy at 63!!

I'm always meeting new people through SHAPE that inspire me everyday. Recently I met with Karyn Calabrese, who’s been following a holistic health regime for over 30 years. When I was introduced to Karyn I had no idea that this beautiful, toned, and glowing woman was 63 years old—not a wrinkle or sagging skin in sight, she truly gave off a more youthful vibe than people my own age! (Maybe you’ve caught her on Oprah a few times too…) How is it possible that this woman looks half her age? I definitely assumed Botox, surgery, whatever—you name it! But Karyn is all real and very passionate about how she stays so healthy and is able to age so beautifully. Growing up, she had so many allergies, horrible skin, and a not-so-great diet, and looking around at her family she realized everyone was sickly and dying (her mother died at 49, her grandmother at 50, and her great-grandmother at 60). She wanted to prove her genetic history wrong and live a long, healthy life. She sought ways to change her diet and correct the relationship her family had with food. When Karyn was introduced to carrot juice she says the story just takes off from there.

She loved the way she felt after she drank this and wanted to find more foods and recipes that would be just as tasty and healthy for her too. 39 years later, Karyn runs three restaurants in the Chicago area (Karyn’s On Green, Karyn’s Fresh Corner, and Karyn’s Cooked); she’s the leading vegan and raw-food guru and was recently awarded the “Raw Foodist of the Year.” Karyn believes that in a country of large portions and sneaky preservatives, that if we can eat more simply we can cleanse our bodies of all the garbage and toxins we’ve put into them. A nice food for thought that I learned from Karyn: Our bodies tell us and show us when it’s not agreeing with something we’ve eaten. We may get a stomachache or a migraine after eating something sugary, or break out after chowing down on a greasy burger—symptoms can vary from person to person. We should pay more attention to what’s in our foods, and try eating as closely to the earth (raw) as possible to ensure it’s getting all the “real” nutrients it needs. This is definitely something I’ve tried to do recently after getting a headache and feeling nauseous every time I had my 3pm sweet-treat (which was usually a vending machine snack or a piece of candy). I switched to a natural sugar treat (such as a plum or peach) and I’m feeling much better. That means no more office party cupcakes for me!


I was so interested and awed by the lifestyle Karyn has lived and continues to live to look so young and healthy! She’s promoting a lifestyle that teaches us about preventative medicine (do right before we can do wrong) and not one that only corrects our bodies only after we’ve damaged them (after we’re diagnosed with diabetes or high cholesterol). I’m truly inspired by Karyn to look and feel as good as she does, now, and when I’m hopefully in my 60’s! Check out Karyn’s website at to find more information about her 30-Day Detox Diet Challenge, her raw-food restaurants, and her vitamin line.











Yep, that's Karyn at 63! Doesn't she inspire you to look your best too?


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