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Off to Hyannis Port, MA to play tag football with TOM BRADY!!

Today, I'm off to Hyannis Port, Massachusetts for a very cool press trip-playing tag football, with none other than handsome and talented Tom Brady!! Okay that's just one of the highlights of my weekend, which I'll get back to. The real reason -- and honestly (sorry, Tom!) a more exciting reason -- I'm heading to Hyannis Port is on behalf of Audi to participate in the Best Buddies Challenge -- a 20, 50, and 100 mile bike race. Best Buddies is a nonprofit organization founded by Anthony Kennedy Shriver that works toward enhancing lives of people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Volunteers are working in middle schools, high schools, and colleges, and forming friendships with challenged students to help them lead a more positive, enriched, and fulfilling life - and even helping them secure rewarding jobs and live on their own (check it out at

Why am I so psyched about it? To me, nothing feels better than participating in a fitness challenge and supporting a charity. And to make it even cooler, I'm taking my mom along for the ride -- she'll be doing the 5K walk, while I'm biking 50 miles on Saturday.

But first, I get to play football with Tom Brady at the kickoff event tonight at Harvard Stadium. What am I doing playing tag football with Tom Brady?! Um, being nervous, for sure. But check back tomorrow to see if I survived!  


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