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I Love Sweet Potato Fries


One of my favorite side dishes of all time is the satisfying root vegetable, the sweet potato, in the form of a "fry" (aka sweet potato fries). If I'm going to splurge on eating a French fry of any type, this is my go-to healthier alternative. Sweet potatoes are packed with the antioxidant beta carotene, which converts to retinol, or vitamin A. It's been said that they may be good for vision, help to prevent some kinds of cancer, as well as boost immunity. I love making sweet potato fries at home because I can control how they are cooked. Below is a quick and easy recipe that I make on a very regular basis, to accompany almost any main dish I make!

Serves: 6
Active Time: 10 minutes
Total Time: 45 minutes

Nonstick Cooking Spray
3 Large Sweet Potatoes, Sliced
1 Tablespoon Extra-Virgin Olive Oil
Course Salt & Ground Pepper

Preheat oven to 400ยบ. Lightly coat a rimmed baking sheet with cooking spray. Wash potatoes thoroughly and slice to desired size with skins on. On sheet, toss sweet potatoes with oil and season with salt and pepper. Arrange in a single layer and bake until tender and golden brown, about 40 minutes, flipping once.

Signing Off With a Soft Spot for Sweet Potatoes,


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