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i need your help!

I'm a 17 year old who has never felt so big in her life like now. Even though i try and watch what i eat, and excersice on a regular basis it just seems as if nothing is working. I was on diet pills and they were working perfectly fine i lost 10 pounds in one month avg. was 3 pounds a week. I was not happy with them but at the same time i was since it was helping me reach my goal. I stopped taking them because one day i almost had a heart attack and because i couldn't sleep at nights. I'm just starting to really get depressed i'm worried about my health since i might be be diabetic. I don't even want to think about it because that something i fear so much ! I just don't understand why if i try so much i dont loose weight. The pressure my mom puts on me is even worse it just makes me feel super bad. Always comparing me with skinny girls and what not. Sometimes when she tells me stuff to just piss her off it makes me eat more and not care about my body. Her words and just everything she does has pushed to the point of trying to make myself throw up various times. Though i try so much there's something that just won't let me! I really need help and tips plus motivation to see if there is still hope for me to loose weight. Since every time i do loose weight it seems as if its just temporary and i just regain it back. I'd love if someone would talk to me and help me out !

thanks sincerly, mitzi.


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