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I Think I'm Alone Now

Central Florida seems to be a hill-free zone. On my long run yesterday I encountered one incline, an overpass. I got to jog over it two times, since I ran a 10-mile loop twice to hit my 20-mile target. With all that flat you'd think my finishing time would have been better than last week's 20-miler, but no. I was 8 seconds slower per mile overall. I blame the heat—it was a sunny 70 degrees, I'm used to training in the 40s at best, and the lack of competitive motivation. I was pretty much alone out there.


On nice mornings in Central Park the roads can be so jam-packed, sometimes you feel like there isn't enough space to pass slower runners—and no one says hello. But that wasn't the case around Viera, Florida. 


I enjoy running by myself. I'm perfectly comfortable being inside of my own head, letting ideas bounce by as I turn a corner or pass a pretty fountain. But there's something about a crowded path that revs me up. I play games with people ahead of me, telling myself I need to catch up to the girl in the blue shorts or blow past the guy in the white hat. 


There was none of that yesterday. There was just me plodding along, enjoying the sunshine (underneath a coat of Mission Skincare All Sport SPF 50+), smiling at the occasional fellow sidewalk traveler—alone, but not lonely. I passed a total of seven walkers (seriously, I kept count) and precisely two runners. Both of them commented on my neon yellow compression socks, and I was a little thrown off. I'm not used to being spoken to by strangers on the run, and I chalked it up to them being alone out there, too. 


Still, it was a gorgeous day, my shins were peaceful, and the route I found on MapMyFitness served its purpose. It got me through my final 20-mile training run. Boston, I think I'm ready for you now


How was your weekend workout? Did you run with a crowd or go it alone? 



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