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If You're Lucky Enough To Be A Runner, You're Lucky Enough

In honor of my people's patron saint, I'll be hitting the pub after a run this evening with my Asphalt Green Tri Club friends—because everyone's Irish on St. Patrick's Day!

Though the scientific community hasn't exactly given it a thumbs up, some believe beer is a good post-workout recovery drink. (Hey, it's got carbs!) I prefer chocolate milk, but I'm willing to make an exception tonight and raise a glass to my ancestors.  

Still, I'm a lightweight and trying to keep up with my buddies only leaves me drunk and dehydrated. Not fun when you've got to wake up and pound a few miles of pavement. (That hungover long run is a fresh memory.) Alcohol is a diuretic, so the key is to hydrate with water too. Here's my strategy for a post-run happy hour:

When we get to the bar I ask for a glass of water to sip while I'm "deciding" what to order. Once the H2O is in me, I'll get a pint of Guinness. It's the only beer I drink—and not just because it makes my people proud. I actually crave the chocolate-meets-tin-can flavor. Plus, it's kind of good for you. Twelve ounces of this stout weighs in at a measly 125 calories, and the malt and hops used to make dark beer contains the same heart-healthy flavanoids found in red wine, though not as much. (Why does all the glory go to Merlot and not Guinness? The Irishman is always the underdog.) After a pint of the frothy stuff, I switch back to water. At that point, my friends are on for-real drink number three and they're too buzzed to notice I'm not keeping up. Slainte!

Are you doing a St. Patty's day fun run or race today? Planning to knock one back at the pub tonight, too? (Here are more Irish beer options.)


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