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Speaking of back, how about some stretching every morning for your back.  There are  more and more people with chronic back pain.  Don't be included in the mix.  Just a few minutes before you start your day can save you from this widespread epidemic.

Sit with your legs crossed or the bottoms of your feet together if your hips and knees are delicate.  Let your neck relax forward and round your back as you walk your hands out on the mat.  Try and get your arms straight out in front of you.  Breath deeply and evenly and let the muscles relax as you stretch.  Sit up tall and take your arms behind your back, lace your fingers stretch your arms long as your shoulder blades come closer together and your chest lifts up.  breath evenly and hold this position for five counts.  relax and repeat.  Be careful not to engage the lower back ( keep your tummy pulled in as much as you can).   Repeat rounding over then arching a few more times.


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