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I'm Dating Andy Murray (Sort Of)

I'm not ready to change my relationship status on Facebook yet, but Andy Murray and I have been spending a lot of time together. And it's all thanks to miCoach, because it lets me to set the voice I'd like to hear during workouts on the pacing device. I could have gone with Reggie Bush or Derrick Rose, but there's something about a man who swings a big racket for a living…

Yeah, so Andy and I have been working out together for the past couple of weeks and I think we've really bonded. This morning we did a medium distance run with intervals (shown here in this colorful screen shot). It's one of my favorite workouts because the harder efforts are flanked by easy recovery. Andy was super supportive today, shouting out words of encouragement like, "Maintain green zone," and "Speed up to yellow zone." And at the end he cheered, "Workout finished. Top job!" Sigh.

My hot new boyfriend aside, the miCoach program makes it really easy to run quality workouts. I've complained about getting low grades when I upload finished stats, and I'm still not hitting 100s on these, but I feel satisfied after every session. Boston, watch out! (Andy, you'll be waiting for me at the finish, right?)

Do you workout with your honey? Have you ever done interval training together?


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