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I'm doing a half-marathon!

Guess what? I got into the NYC Half-Marathon! This is almost as difficult to get in to as it is to get a spot in the ING NYC Marathon in November. Except, I got in on a whim—and now I have to start training, asap! The race is only nine weeks away—Sunday, March 21—and that’s cutting it really close for properly training for a 13-miler. I’m totally on board with getting in shape for this immediately though—I downloaded a nine-week schedule from the Runner’s World website and I already began.

It doesn’t seem so bad right now, since I only have to run 3-5 miles four days a week, but I’ll have to run 7-8 miles (and more!) on weekends, which I haven’t done in years. Hopefully I can do this. It’s helpful that I’ve stayed in shape since my triathlon last summer by running a few mornings before work. But, I run by the stroke of my stop-watch (I get stuck peering at my watch every few seconds and asking myself “how much time do I have left of this?”). Doing timed runs, like 20-30 minutes in the morning, makes running a lot less enjoyable. The solution: I’ve switched to doing my morning runs by mileage and the distance I have to go, I find that it’s much easier to get through. Keep in mind, in NYC I run on the sidewalk—every 20 blocks is a mile—so that’s a lot of streets I have to go to run a few miles! But it’s much better to know I have to go from 40th street to 70th street and back down again, than run aimlessly around the city for 30 minutes. Manhattan is not that big—just 13.4 miles long and 2.3 miles wide; soon enough I’ll be running up and down the entire city! (And when I do, I’ll use to make my routine online first so I’ll know the mileage before I head out. It’s a pretty nifty tool, and it’s even an application on my Facebook page; I save my routes and record the different courses I’ve gone and how much distance I’ve covered.)

Then when this race is over, I’ll be switching back to my triathlon training only (and coaching my own small team!). Check back in for regular updates on how I’m doing and share your training experiences with me too!


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