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I'm going biking!

Everything regarding my triathlon (training, raising money, and getting all the appropriate gear) is finally coming together: I got my bike this weekend--the Specialized Dolce--and I'm so excited to go riding for the first time with my triathlon teammates later this week. This bike is super light (I swear it feels lighter than a 5-pound dumbbell). I practiced carrying it up and down the five flights of stairs to my apartment and it was much easier than I expected.

I was told by my triathlon coaches that the most important thing to do when purchasing a road bike is to get fitted for it prior to my first ride, but it's actually more like my bike has to be fitted for me (all the parts of a bike can be adjusted and changed, but you can't fix the length of my legs!).  Scott Holz, pro-cyclist and Specialized representative, did a bunch of different tests to check my flexibility and the evenness of my limbs (such as if one of my legs is longer than the other)--and since you want to be as comfortable as possible, these fittings really matter. For almost two hours I got on and off my bike feeling it out and practicing how to clip in my cycling shoes too. Check out the photo of my body before and after I've been fitted: Specialized created this nifty computer system which photographs you as you ride and lets a representative like Scott know when the bike is just right for you.
I can't imagine riding 25 miles without having done this! Beforehand (the photo on the top left) I'm so cramped and afterwards (bottom right) I look much more natural sitting on the saddle. But I'm not going to lie, I'm definitely nervous to start riding with hundreds of people all around me and on race day so many will likely be flying past--so do narrow tires like these really keep me steady? I've never ridden a bike like this one; overwhelming thoughts like these are constantly running through my head as I get closer to race day. Hopefully enough practice will give me the confidence come July. At Shape we've named biking our favorite hobby this month. I'm practicing on my own tonight after work, wish me luck!


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