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inner-outer thighs and waist(all in one)

Warm weather is upon us and  you are going to want to dress accordingly.  How can you attack the tire around your waist, and keep your inner thighs from kissing all at once!

Lie down on your side with your legs angled out from your hips.  Let the underneath hand support your head and neck and place the other hand in front of the body for stability.  Glue you legs together and pull your tummy in as  you lift both legs together about 8 or 10 inches off the floor.  Lower up and down ten times then  keep both legs elevated and release your bottom leg down to the mat.  Bring it back up to meet your top leg.  Accent the up motion.  Repeat ten times.  make sure your lower back does not arch and keep your shoulders relaxed and your tummy in.  Of course repeat to the other side.  We have to be even!!  You can do that whole series twice for maximum results!


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