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Inspire us!

So we've gotten a lot of feedback about featuring so many bikinis on our covers ("Why can't we just cover our models up!" say some women), particularly after our pre-Kim Kardashian Shape cover with Ellen DeGeneres.

Yes, Ellen looked amazing and super healthy, but I've got to be honest: there's something inspiring to me about seeing someone looking incredibly confident in a bikini. It makes me want to know what she did to get in such amazing Shape. And wait until you see next month's cover; we unveil the incredible body of a singer who hasn't really ever been on any cover in a bikini (no, I can't reveal who it is—it's a secret!).

But if you want a chance to be featured in Shape, either in our column "YOU in Shape" or in another feature we're working on, send us YOUR bikini pics with a few brief notes about how you get and stay in such incredible Shape! Send them to We want to get inspired by YOU!


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