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An inspiring moment

I knew the week going into the race could be stressful, anxious, and overwhelming so I thought of something that might re-inspire my teammates to kick some butt on Sunday. With all the training and things on our minds, some of us may have lost focus of why we're actually doing this race. As I mentioned the other day, the New York City team has raised over $1 million for leukemia and lymphoma diseases. But maybe we all don't have someone we're actually racing for; the person that we'll think of to give us the extra push when we're swimming or running that last mile.  When I think about not wanting to swim in the icky Hudson River, I remember that two of my closest friends didn't ask to get cancer and never thought they'd have to go through something like they did--and I think it could have easily been me, and not them. It puts things in perspective for me; I know that in comparison, swimming in the Hudson really is not so bad. Last night, I brought my friend Rachel, my college roommate and a leukemia survivor, to practice with me. She told my teammates her story and thanked them for all their hard work and time spent training and raising money for people like her. It was such a touching speech and I could see how much everyone listening really took everything she was saying to heart. A few of my teammates even found us after practice to thank her for giving them the extra inspiration they needed to get through this week. I'm excited to have Rachel at the finish line waiting for me and to share this experience with her. This is the last time I'll be blogging before the race--when you hear from me next I'll be a triathlete!


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