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Trista: Looking Better Than Ever!


Busy working mom Trista Sutter, who became the very first Bachelorette way back in 2002, is 40 now. But age is just a number to Trista, who is still happily married to Ryan Sutter (with two kids) and rockin' her hottest body ever. She shared her diet and exercise secrets with OK!

How do you feel about your body?
I feel great. I feel healthy, especially because of my diet.

What makes up your daily diet?
I believe in moderation. I'm not one to completely give up on foods that are "bad" for me. I have a huge sweet tooth. I eat bread too. I have a smoothie in the morning and then a sandwich in the afternoon with fruit. I'll eat a snack bar in the afternoon, then for dinner we usually have pasta. Ryan's really big on trying to get more vegetables in our diet. It's all about portion control and not denying your urges.

How do supplements fit in?
I take Ab Cuts (available at Walmart) every day. It's got the right kind of vitamins to be able to get your body primed to burn the fat more efficiently. It's not a shortcut. It's not a diet pill. It doesn't make you jittery. It just complements your diet and exercise routine in a beneficial way in order to burn fat better.

What is your workout routine?
I usually do interval training, and there's a class at a local club that I take. The instructor changes it up every week. I would start off with a warm-up and then do three different exercises, whether it's something abs-related and then biceps and then back. They are changing it up so I can challenge my muscles. It's all about keeping the workout routine fresh and making sure that you're having a good time.

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How do you find time to work out with two kids (Maxwell, 5, and Blakesley, 3) and a husband at home?
I take advantage of when my kids are in school. That's the biggest thing for me! When I was going to this class, it was on a day when the kids were in school so I would drop them off and head out. It really revolves around their schedule.

Speaking of family life, what's your secret to a happy marriage?
It has to do with a lot of things: Ryan just makes me laugh. So I think looking at life as fun and enjoying it together is huge. Also commitment to each other, liking each other, respecting each other, communicating, trust—all of the things that you hear about. There's truth to it. We try to incorporate all those things into our relationship.


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