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Introducing the Girl on the Go's Guest Bloggers


One of the primary reasons I was so excited to be given the opportunity to write for the community was the chance I would have to introduce to all of you the things that matter so much to me. This includes sharing the stories of the people that have touched my life in some fashion, whether it be through my travels, those who have provided me with true friendship, family, teachers, instructors, doctors, people of pure inspiration, leaders, bosses, co-workers and like-minded driven men and women. Most of them have touched my life by motivating me to take that extra step I wouldn't have taken on my own. We all have these people in our lives, but often we don't take the time to acknowledge how meaningful they truly are. 

Starting this week I'll be introducing you to the people who have touched me in a positive manner. They have stories that I think everyone should hear. Each Friday, you'll be hearing from a new guest blogger. They'll bring you stories from their own lives, sharing what matters most to them. Some will be sharing what they do for a living, while others will share a personal experience that has changed their life. Some will provide advice, and others will give insight to their area of expertise that will help you live a better life. Some will extend their love or passion for a certain hobby, activity or way of life. I promise you'll gain something from each one of these people. They'll provide inspiration, tips, and guidance, and will motivate you to consider something new that you have never tried. The story won't end there. You'll  be hearing from several of these guest bloggers on a regular basis and you'll also have the opportunity to ask them questions relating to their area of expertise, whether it be travel, fitness, pregnancy, nutrition or cooking. 

Join me in welcoming our guest bloggers! They're all so excited to meet you, and I hope you'll greet them with open arms. Our first guest blogger to be featured will be Dr. Dan DiBacco, a practicing pharmacist in Atlanta who specializes in nutrition and diet. He'll be analyzing my choices in vitamins and underscoring the importance of vitamins and minerals in my (and your) daily diet.

Signing Off Excited to Introduce New Voices,

Renee Woodruff blogs about travel, food and living life to the fullest on Follow her on Twitter or see what she's up to on Facebook!


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