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When I opened my business in 1990, many people did not know much about the Pilates technique or the benefits associated with the work. Now people everywhere seem to know something about Joseph Pilates and his wonderful contribution to over all body conditioning.
I have been a certified Pilates instructor with Romana Kryzanowska for 17 years and am a teacher trainer in Romana's Pilates certification organization. I feel it's the best certification program. Most Pilates instructors that you see in the media or doing good DVD's have studied with Romana at one time or another.
 For those of you who have seen my infomercials in the past and have enjoyed my DVD's and for those who are new to Pilates, I have a whole new system coming out in January.
Gaiam produced the infomercial and I am very excited about it. My client Marisa Tomei agreed to be on the infomercial as my host to help promote my new Pilates product "the accelerator".
The accelerator is a home Pilates system and simulates some of the exercises that we perform on the equipment in the studio. It also deepens your mat work. It consists of a bar with hand weights screwed in to each end to make a three foot weighted bar. You can take the hand weights off for a standing arm routine or a boot camp routine. The weighted bar itself is wonderful (Joseph Pilates used a weighted bar in his studio to help clients find their powerhouse, increase sculpting and toning, and develop more balance). Attached to the weighted bar are resistance cords with handles. The resistance cords can be used with the bar or by themselves. And of course, more resistance equals more results. The configuration of the weighted bar with attached cords or the cords by themselves can also be attached behind your door. This simulates leg & arm springs on the cadillac.
All together, there are ten different uses and thirteen workouts associated with the new infomercial.
As always, I feel it is so important for people to be the best that they can be. When you feel better about your body, your self-esteem is going to improve and you'll be very empowered to try other things that you never thought you could do.
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