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It's a reality show over here!

As I'm writing this, camera crews are here in the office filming Jacqui Stafford, our Executive Style Director, as she dishes on the hottest fashion and beauty trends: like how to get red-carpet ready for any party, and why you can be 'green' gorgeous [check out Reel Shape on to watch the videos]. When the crew starting filming it was really exciting to have someone recording what we consider our everyday lives.  Although I was just doing my day-to-day duties--Jacqui's 9-5 was the center of attention--I still felt like I was part of one of those glossy reality shows. When you watch one of Jacqui's videos you'll see what most magazine editor's offices look like--clothes, shoes, products, and fashion photos all around, either leftovers from stories we've written, or personals we like to keep on hand for inspiration. Her dog even made a cameo for one of the segments, so most of the day I had a tiny, and very cute, maltese at my feet begging me to play. What can I say--life at a magazine can be pretty fun!

After hours of taping I sort of forgot the cameras were around. I can see how life on a reality show becomes just part of the grind for those TV stars (and maybe why some of them do such outlandish and shocking things...I think they just forget they're on TV). The cameramen became part of the team and when they finally left at the end of the day, it was a little too quiet in here without them. But work is work and things still had to get done regardless of the cameras and paparazzi-like attention around me. It'd probably be fun to be on one of those magazine reality shows that seem to be popping up on every channel, but one day, every once in a while, is good enough for me.



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