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It's A Start

I feel like I am so typical. I spent my life as a fairly active child, creating games, running around the neighborhood, climbing trees, but now, I find myself in adulthood were I live as a mostly inactive pothead, college student. The only time I exercise (which is rarely) is when I'm walking up and down the steps to my ceramics classroom, the rare occurrances I actually put to use the gym in my living room, and the rare hike I enjoy taking. I really don't know why I am on here, other than I have read the encouraging weight loss articles in Shape Magazine, and after a few days of trying to get back into a workout regimine again, I felt the need to sign onto this free weight loss community. My weight has fluxuated a lot in the last 7 years I've been consumed by it, and I have maintained my weight between 115 and 160lbs. I'm interested in losing weight and toning up and hopefully becoming an overall more healthy person.


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