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It's time!

Triathlon training finally begins this weekend and I'm excited--and a little bit scared too, to be honest. The anticipation has been thrilling, but I think I may have psyched myself out. Now that training time is here, I'm realizing it's going to be an intense few months. I'm going to have to push myself  (70 laps in a pool equals my one-mile swim--ah!) and I'm worrying: Will I really be able to do this? However, like my boss at Shape says, positive thoughts bring positive results, so if I tell myself I can do it, then I will.

To get my body ready, I've already started some new workouts and gym classes--and tried practically every fitness tip printed in our magazine to get my arms strong for the swim (the part I need to work the hardest on). I recently tried a class called, Kranking, at the Reebok Sports Club, which is essentially a spinning class for your arms. The instructor, Avery, a professional cyclist, told me that if you're looking to tighten that jiggle you may feel under you arm, this is one of the best workouts to be doing--with, or without the class. So if you're looking for that upper body burn and overall toning of your arms, this is definitely something to try. Forty-five minutes of this class was all I needed to know that swimming a mile in the Hudson River might just be my biggest fitness challenge yet.


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