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I've got thick thighs and a big butt... least that's how I feel whenever I try on pants. Nothing seems to fit right. I saw a cute pair of Sanctuary casual pants at the gym store and tried them on in my size--but nope, the waist fit but the fabric tugged around my thighs. And don't get me started on the cropped fit and how short that made my legs look! This has been the style story of my life--until I booked an appointment with a department store personal shopper. (And note: this is not some fancy service for the super rich, which I am definitely not; the service costs NOTHING--something that most people don't know--and there is zero pressure to buy.) 'You have a body Italians love,' she started out telling me. 'It's a womanly body with curves.' Ummm...I guess that's a good thing, right? But what she taught me: all pants have a different fit. Just because one pair of pants doesn't fit you, doesn't mean you're fat! It just means that those pants aren't right for your figure. Being a personal shopper, Lillian knows all the different pant styles in the entire store and brought me ones that she knew would work for my body type. The difference in terms of daily style has been life-changing!

One daily change: If you can't see a personal shopper, check out In the Dressing Room, a column we feature regularly in Shape; our executive style director Jacqui Stafford regularly picks out fashions for different body types. And remember, no one outfit works on every body type!


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