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Jacqui Stafford: Our Boxing Beauty

Walking into the office this morning I found Jacqui, our executive style director, in full-blown boxing gear (you may know Jacqui from her TV appearances, as one of fashion's most popular columnists). Of course, Jacqui just wasn't in any boxing gear--hers was definitely fabulous and glamorous in hot pink! [Check out the pic and you'll see what I mean...doesn't she look great?] Jacqui's newest hobby is boxing--she picked it up from a woman on one of her photo shoots. Teresa Scott, President of Women's World of Boxing here in Manhattan, got back into shape after she picked up the sport and found it so empowering that she wanted to help other women too, and now Jacqui's part of her boxing gym!

A little secret of mine: I'm a brown belt with three stripes in karate, a sport I've been involved with since childhood, so boxing and this type of workout is a favorite of mine. (See the pic below of me when I was 10...always trying to keep up with my older brother!)

Unfortunately, when there was too much on my plate in high school with honors classes, student council, and after school sports, karate was the first thing to go, so I never did get that black belt (something I still regret today). Being involved in karate is probably what taught me how to make a commitment to working out and exercising regularly. It's a sport that involves as much mental dedication as a physical one from your body--every class is a building block to the next level. I learned a lot about pushing my limits and challenging my body to do things I didn't think I could do (like push-ups until I was blue in the face!). Also, a lot of the main exercise moves we tell you to do everyday--plank, squats, and lunges--are the primary warm-up routines before karate classes would even begin. So although I spent ten years working toward a black belt, but never got it, I still took a lot away from all those years spent in that karate studio. Seeing Jacqui in her boxing gear, although much, much cuter than my karate uniform, got me thinking that maybe that black belt isn't so far away after all. When my triathlon is over, perhaps it could be my next fitness goal.


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