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Jessica Simpson...

What's going on with all this talk of Jessica Simpson's current weight 'problem'--is this really a problem at all? This topic seems to be everywhere this week and I thought I'd bring it to you all for discussion. So it seems she's put on a few pounds--or maybe she's just not wearing the most flattering clothes in that picture that's been splashed along the tabloids--but either way, do we have a right to put Jessica down for looking like she put on some weight?

My friends--some magazine editors at a popular weekly tabloid--have differing views on this and last night at happy hour we couldn't help but talk about it. They say it's their job to critique celebrities on a daily basis and then write about it, but when they go home it is pretty shameful for them to bash a girl that's gone from a tinie-tiny size 2 to a larger, healthier shape. The other half is fighting that Jessica made herself famous--and made her millions--off of her looks, her body, and her tip-top physique (you could say her music and reality show did it for her too--but I agree her looks definitely helped), and for everyone that saw her 'These Boots Are Made For Walking' video, I believe she worked her butt off to look that good. So when a celebrity strays from her signature look, do we have a right to call her out on it or want her to look like the person we used to idolize?

I'm not so sure what I feel about this, except that if Jessica is at a happy and healthy size she should be proud of it, even if it's a little bit bigger than what we're used to seeing. Besides, celebrities are people too, and we all know the difficulties and challenges of dieting and eating right. Maybe we should celebrate her for being more like the rest of us. Most of Shape's cover models have had yo-yo'ing weights as well, but that's why we love them! 


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