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Join me on my 21-Day Makeover!!

I made 3 simple resolutions before the holidays: get more sleep, drink more water, and work out at least 2 days a week (while at home with the kids). And while I stuck to those very simple resolutions, they're not enough! Each day for the next 21 days, I've resolved to make one simple change. Join me each day on my journey to better health!

Today, I'm cutting down the sugar I get. We all eat way too much sugar (hidden not only in the white packets but in plenty of processed foods)--and I'm not immune! This morning, I added agave nectar into my oatmeal (a better sweetener than plain old sugar as it doesn't cause the blood sugar spikes). And instead of reaching for dark chocolate for a sweet treat, I'm opting for a piece of fruit instead.

Tomorrow, will be another challenge. Baby steps!


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