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Keeping up with your workouts

A few weeks back I took time off to visit some of my family in Arizona--and I got a sudden burst of energy to go for runs every morning (without work, I could sleep as late as I wanted)--after all, it was 70 degrees and sunny while it was snowing and sleeting back in NYC. It got me thinking: if more people had a chance to exercise outdoors to stay in shape, would we all be more in shape?

While I may have been motivated when on vacation to stick to that daily regime (and under the influence of some very warm weather), leaving Arizona I wondered if I'd be able to keep it up. When I arrived home to New York I found out my friend had joined the same gym so we made a pact to take the early, and I mean early, morning spinning class three days a week. As an assistant when you have to stay at the office late and can't fit in exercise after a long, exhausting day, this is the perfect solution.

Until the warm weather hits Manhattan, I'm forced to stay indoors. But I found these fun fitness classes that'll keep me motivated and on the right track.
(1)    Kranking at New York City's Reebok Sports Club: like spinning, but a workout for your arms
(2)    Indoboarding at Crunch Gym: a snowboarding workout, minus the Swiss alps
(3)    Body Combat at Gold's Gym: a mix of cardio and martial arts
(4)    Manhattan Movement & Arts Center: hip-hop, belly dancing, and even aerial circus dance are on the list

Like I've realized from working at Shape our mantras are true--mixing up your routine and keeping it fresh is the key to staying fit all year long.


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