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Kim Kardashian and the diet pill frenzy

So...Kim Kardashian is on Shape's new cover (on newsstands now) and I must say, she looks incredible. (And if you see the cover, and say: "Oh it's all retouched, I can only respond...again: No, we did not add curves or digitally create the amazing body you see on the cover. That's all Kim's hard work.) But we've started to get a lot of negative feedback about the fact that Kim Kardashian admits to taking diet pills-and how could Shape EVER put someone like that on our cover??

Let me share my own story: When Kim Kardashian came to us about a cover, my knee-jerk response was similar: "Absolutely not. I don't want someone on the cover of Shape who takes diet pills and doesn't work out or eat healthy." But when I actually took the time to listen and find out more about Kim, about her dedication to working out (which started when she was young), and about how she really struggles with her weight and food-and particularly sweets (my own weakness)-I started slowly warming to her. And when I found out more about what Kim Kardashian actually does during her workouts, I was officially a fan.

Then Shape interviewed Kim-and her story was incredibly motivating and compelling...and real.

But I digress: what about the diet pills and how could we put someone on the cover of Shape who takes them? Well, as Kim Kardashian explains in the June Shape article, they help her control her sweet tooth, but they're not a magic pill (more on that in the piece)-and never will be...for her or for anyone. Truth be told, I took diet pills when I was in my late teens, thinking that they were the answer to why I didn't "look" like the other girls in my class. I remember why I took them (hoping for a miracle) and I remember how I felt taking them (not great)-so I never took them again.

Like me, like Kim, like you: Most every woman I know struggles to find balance in terms of body weight and body confidence-and I know this, every woman has to find what works best for her (not me, not you, not the woman next to you). At Shape, we aim to give women the latest tips, advice, expert feedback, newest research, and much more so you can find your happy balance. We don't dictate. Ever. Once you find your happy place, we also don't judge how you got there. What really matters is that you are confident, that you do feel great, and that you are at your best. That's where Kim is now; maybe one day, she (like I did) will find that diet pills aren't for her. In the meantime, let's celebrate another woman (Kim Kardashian) finding her confidence and, not to mention, being gusty enough to bare it all in a bikini.

In the meantime, read the entire story-and you might just find that Kim could be your best girlfriend if she lived next door. Yes, you'll like her that much.  I did-and do.

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