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Learn to listen to your body: Day 13

This morning, I woke up with a fever of 102 and a sore throat...and was just feeling horrible. And I'm not surprised. I've been pushing myself at work, at home, and on my makeover (to work out every day no matter what)—and therein lies a lesson.

Sure, I want to achieve my goals by the end of my makeover...and I want to perform well at work, but our bodies start to tell us what we need, and we so often ignore it. On Friday, I was exhausted and not feeling great. I chalked it up to burning the candle at both ends. On Saturday, I ran around and ignored all the signs to slow down and take a break...and today, I was sick.

So whether your body is telling you to slow down through exhaustion...or muscle aches...or even just a gut feeling—LISTEN to it, no matter what this 21-day program or anyone else for that matter is telling you.

Our bodies are incredibly smart; tuning into the signs is one of the most important lessons we can learn—and it underscores every good habit you put into place. This holds true for when you're hungry and when you're not; eat when you are and push aside food cravings when you're not really famished.

Talk to you tomorrow...after some relaxation and sleep, I hope I'll be good as new.

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