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Learning What My Body Can Handle


For the month of March, I made it my personal goal to hit the gym four times a week. I hoped to improve my overall fitness, relieve stress, and lower my risk of strokes since it runs in my family. Although I didn’t always make it to four times a week, I did learn a lot from setting this goal for myself.

One important lesson learned is that I can’t use my asthma as an excuse not to run. If I take my inhaler and Singulair before I work out my breathing is fine and I discovered that I am actually a pretty good runner. It’s also all about the music. In order to stay motivated when I run, I organize my playlist to start with “jogging songs” and build up to a “sprint song.”

I also learned how hard I can work my body, which I believe, is important for everyone to figure out. It’s pretty normal to compare yourself to others when it comes to exercise. I will admit to checking the time, speed, and level of the people on adjacent machines and stealing other peoples mat exercises into my routine. This can be a good form of motivation, but it can also end up being harmful. I actually ended up with a herniated disk and problems with my hip flexor because I didn’t know what my body could handle. Going forward, not only will I work on toning my body, but I also plan on strengthening my lower back and always stretching my hips. I learned that when strengthening my body, it’s all about moderation and a gradual increase in intensity.

These takeaways will help me work on achieving my fitness goals in the future and allow me to push myself in a healthy and safe way. What have you learned about your workout goals and needs?


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