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License To Snack

Last night's workout in Central Park was brutal. Five miles of hill repeats is enough to make anyone tired, but I felt like I had zero energy. I'm sure coming off of a cold didn't help, neither did the 20 degree temps, and I probably didn't eat enough yesterday. (Ah, excuses.)

I'm not a big snacker, and I typically only eat three times a day. But Dana Angelo White, R.D., a nutritionist and blogger for Food Network's Healthy Eats, tells me endurance athletes need to munch between meals. "You've got to replace the calories you've burned during your runs with healthy carbs and proteins." And she says I should be eating before morning runs too, so I'm not (literally) running on empty.

So I'm stocking up on foods that are easy to grab and eat while I'm on the go or at work, like bananas, Greek yogurt, and Clif Bars. Click here for more healthy ideas.

What do you snack on during the day?


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