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A life lesson worth repeating

Life lesson of the day: when you fall off your bike for the 10th time (feet still clipped into pedals), you just get right back up and keep riding! So yes, this morning I toppled over right in front of a friend who I'm starting to ride with once or twice a week (it was quite a sight; one minute I was talking to Jen, the next minute I was on the ground in a heap). Not only did I cause a massive bruise to start forming on my upper thigh, I also bent the left gears out of place and popped off a piece of my biking odometer.

So, while I did finish my bike/run this morning, my bike is now in the bike shop being fixed. (No major damage, said the guy at the shop. But I won't get it back until Saturday.) And my leg is aching.


Someone who I was telling about this morning's incident said: "Why the heck do you need clip-in's; just wear regular sneakers with regular pedals." I have to be honest: I really like my clip-ins...except for the times when I forget my feet are clipped in!


Anyway, it's way past my bedtime (work event tonight caused me to get home late) and I’m heading to bed...tomorrow, is a whole other day!




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