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Lifestyle Change - 20 to 30 pound long term weight loss goal)

Hello everyone, my name is Evelyn and I have suffered with my weight pretty much my entire life.  Just recently I sat down and had to think why was I overweight and why have all my trials ended up as failures and I realized that I was not putting in the effort I should and that my eating habits might not be sufficent for the weight loss goal I am looking for.

I started out weighing 196lbs.  I now have been working out twice a day and drinking nothing but water and plan on taking a look at my eating habits.  Since then I now weigh 186, a 10 lbs loss which I am very happy about, but that is just the beginning.  I can't stop.... gotta have the motivation to keep going and keep seeing results so that is why I've joined SHAPE.

Everyone, pls help me stay motivated and send any tips/tricks/hints that you might think might help me out.  I will do the same for whomever contacts me.  Together we can team up and conquer our goals and be there to give a 'high five' on our good days, and to be there for a shoulder on our bad days.

Hope to get some replys and hear from you all here soon.


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