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Shape Your Life

When Going Commando Is a Good Idea

Gynecologists often recommend slipping off your panties while you sleep--here's why.

If You Have Heavy Periods, This Supplement May Help

New research says women with heavy bleeding can experience improved quality of life and more energy with this vitamin.

The Dark Side of Green Tea

Hold on to your mug--this health-boosting brew may not be as good for you as you think.

B12 Shots for Deficiencies, Energy, and Weight Loss

Are vitamin B12 shots a safe, effective way to reverse deficiencies, boost energy, and even spur weight loss?

Can Red Wine Really Boost Your Fitness?

It seems almost too good to be true: Researchers have found that a compound in red wine may mimic exercise in the body and boost workout performance.

5 Unique Ways to Make the Most of Your Treadmill

There are so many more things you can do on a treadmill than just run or walk. So, if you've been feeling like the treadmill is more of a dreadmill, try these unique treadmill moves that will help you reinvigorate your workout on the treadmill!

The Best Bra for Every Type of Breast

According to bra expert Tomima Edmark, there are 8 kinds of ta-tas. Are you putting your best breast forward?

3 Cute (And Warm!) Boots to Try This Winter

These boots will keep your feet warm and dry, and keep you looking cute in the snow!

14 Unhealthy Ingredients You're Eating

In light of Europe banning some U.S. apples, find out what other baddies are banned in other countries--but A-okay in the U.S.

Should You Detox With Dandelion Tea?

Is sipping on a cup of this bitter-tasting root tea the key to feeling your best? Here's what the research says.

3 Ways to Defend Your Diet

When it comes to what you eat, everyone has an opinion. Take a cue from Candace Cameron Bure and push back against food pushers politely--but firmly.

Can HCA Help You Lose Weight?

Is HCA the newest miracle weight-loss supplement? Although recent studies seem promising, read this before you pop a pill.

Are Vitamin Infusions the Next Juice Cleanse?

People are rolling up their sleeves to receive high-dose nutrient injections--by choice. Read this before following suit.

The No. 1 Reason Women Cheat

A study reveals what exactly leads to affairs.

The Easy Way to Start Meditating

You don't need to "om" or even sit silently to get a little zen and stress relief. Try these easy tips to meditate anywhere, anytime.

Meet the World's Oldest Gymnast!

The Fab Five might have some competition! The Guinness Book of World Records just named 86-year-old Johanna Quaas as the oldest gymnast.

Chewable Vitamins: Not Just for Kids!

Tasty chewable supplements are making vitamins easier to swallow. Check out these adult-friendly gummies.

Top 10 Ways to Lose 10 Pounds Safely

No crash diets or crazy workout plans needed

Hair-Saving Gym Tricks for Black Women

You don't need to skip your workout to save your (pricey) hair treatment! Just use these tricks and say good-bye to bad hair days for good.

7 Tips to Curb Your Appetite

Staving off hunger pangs, nixing cravings, and losing weight for good is easier than you think.

Is It Bad If You Don't Have a Best Friend?

Sad fact: 1 in 10 women are without a bestie. One expert shares how this lack of close support can impact your life.

Nutrition Myths That Just Won't Die

From the no-eating-after-dark rule to the low-carb craze, experts debunk the most persistent diet lies.

The 6 Best Facial Cleansers

We tested 20 products to determine which ones completely clean your skin and leave it feeling refreshed.

The Shamrock Shake: What You Should Know Before You Sip and How to Make a Healthier Version

If you're planning to celebrate St. Patrick's Day with a cool, minty McDonald's McCafe Shamrock Shake, there's a few things you should know before hitting the drive-thru.

Do Men Really Think About Sex All the Time? New Study Sheds Light

We all know the stereotype that men think about sex 24/7. But is there any truth to it? Researchers say maybe not.

The E.D. Drug He Could Be Using for Fun

A recent study found 74 percent of men who have taken an E.D. med have done so recreationally. Soon, Cialis could be available OTC. Should you be worried?