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Living a Meaningful Life


When I discovered Life By Me, a newsletter that delivers "a morning cup of meaning every weekday" to my inbox, I was enlivened. Finally! Something positive to look forward to in place of all of the negativity we often experience at our morning online destinations.

Sophie Chiche, the founder of Life by Me, loves to ask the question, "Why?"

"When people talk about what matters, it propels them to go after it," Chiche says. "Meaning calls for change. Reading all these stories, all these courageous stories, all these turns and twists that led to such juicy lives may inspire you to change yours, or to be grateful that you already live the life you love."

This relationship between what's meaningful to each of us and how we live our lives is the foundation upon which Life by Me, and the stories you'll see in your inbox once you subscribe, are built.

I contacted Sophie a few months ago after discovering the website because I wanted to share her story and the history behind her idea with the SHAPE community. In turn, she has allowed me to tell my story, too. You can click here to read what is meaningful to me and why.

Signing Off Living My Most Meaningful Life,


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