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Living wheat- and dairy-free

So I was always one of those moms who was so happy my child was allergy-free--meaning I didn't have to be super vigilant at birthday parties if something had nuts or be bringing in special treats to school just for him. Well everything changed after my son started suffering from regular bouts of hives, profuse redness all over his cheeks, and many incidences of what we thought was the stomach bug. Turns out he's highly sensitive to wheat and dairy. Who would have thought? And now, to simplify things and make it easier on our son, our entire household is wheat- and dairy-free. (Anyone need advice on how we're doing it, e-mail me at And turns out it's helped me in more ways than I can imagine. I have literally reduced all my sweet binges: I used to have cravings all the time and then not be able to resist a second (or third) helping. Now, it's like my entire sweet tooth has been erased (I do credit working out with helping to control my appetite, but this is something altogether amazing.) And I'm leaner, particularly around my middle; I've lost weight without even trying (or depriving myself). While not everyone may benefit from a wheat- and dairy-free diet like I have, you may get results from examining your diet and cutting out something you think is affecting you adversely. This I know: what we eat affects all aspects of our bodies and our daily lives--how we sleep, how our skin looks, how our bodies function.

One daily change: Look at your own diet and figure out something in it that isn't doing you any good--then stop eating it. It could be that daily sugary soda, that 3rd cup of coffee, that nightly TV snack, whatever. You might discover that by eliminating a food you eat regularly you might help clear up a problem you've had for a long time.


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