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Gabrielle Douglas: An American Role Model


How many of us could deal with the pressures of the world watching and critiquing your every move?  Even adults have a hard time dealing with those pressures at times. Imagine being a young 16-year-old kid on the world's biggest stage. That is exactly what Gabby Douglas has had to deal with over the past few weeks.

Gabby rose above the pressure to become the first American to take home gold in the team as well as the individual all-around competition, and the first African-American to win gold in the all-around. Nothing is more gratifying than seeing all of the sacrifices, struggles, and hard work pay off. In this case, it's only the beginning of what is probably to come for Gabby. She entered the competition as a young, beautiful, confident young lady and will leave a gold medalist and a role model for all little girls out there who have a passion for gymnastics, especially African-Americans. Not since Dominique Dawes, who was amazing as well, have we had such a great representative for the African-American community in gymnastics. How can you not love that smile and that innocence she brings as an athlete? Confidence? Well, all I can say is that after her final performance on floor, she immediately placed her hand over her heart as if to say she could already hear the national anthem that would later play during the medal ceremony.

There was a lot of talk about whether she could handle the pressures of being in the Olympics on such a big stage. My response to that is this: Two gold medals later, do you still doubt her confidence and ability to shine?

You represented your team, your family, yourself, your fans and your country well Gab!!!

Thank you!



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