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Meet Missy Franklin, America's New Sweetheart!


What a day for 17-year-old gold medalist Missy Franklin. Congratulations! Could she become the Olympics’ new all-American sweetheart?

Just who is Missy Franklin? She used to be your everyday average teenager from Centennial, Colo. who just became an overnight sensation in London, England. As if winning a gold medal in the 100-meter backstroke wasn’t enough, she also set a new American record less than 10 minutes later, after competing in the 200-meter freestyle semi-finals. She's pretty impressive!

It’s so nice to have these sort of stories happen to anyone. But when it happens to someone like Missy, a normal girl from next door who still attends high school and has given up millions of dollars in sponsorships so she can continue to swim when she attends college (she also happens to be a Justin Bieber fan), well that just makes it even more special. She even dedicated her first gold medal to her homestate of Colorado and the city of Aurora, which are still reeling from the recent devastating mass theater shooting.

Congratulations Missy! You rock!



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