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Olympics Day One: Ryan Lochte Beats Michael Phelps


What a day!  So many exciting things happened at the Games today. This is only the first day, and if today was any indication of what is to come, these Games will be even more competitive and exciting than I had originally anticipated. What event(s) got you all fired up and excited today? 

It all started with women’s basketball for me. Croatia played a great game and hung in there for the first two-and-a-half quarters and then the USA, led by Angel McCoughtry and the second unit turned up the heat and took it to a whole different level. Then we had the big controversy over the false start by Korea’s Park Tae Hwan in the men’s 400-Freestyle. Park Tae Hwan also just happens to be the current Olympic Champion in the event. He was initially ruled disqualified until Korea protested. The ruling was overturned and Tae Hwan advanced to the finals.

What about the biggest upset of the day? Ryan Lochte won the gold in the Men’s 400m Individual Medley to dethrone current champ Michael Phelps who finished fourth. Lochte has been saying that it is his turn and his time. Could he be right? What happens next? Will this motivate Phelps for his other events or has Lochte gotten in his head?

The most exciting event to me today was women’s volleyball, whether it was Mistie May-Treanor and Carrie Walsh Jennings holding off the Aussie duo of Cook and Hinchley to remain undefeated in Olympic competition or the USA trying to hold off South Korea. What a match! With the US being ranked No. 1 in the world, they were clearly the favorite going into the game. They took the first two sets with ease only to see the dominance of Kim Yeon-Koung and South Korea come back in the third set with a vengeance. However, the US proved to be too much down the stretch to win the match in the fourth set.

With so much excitement happening on day one, we can only imagine what more is to come. I know I’ll be ready and watching.


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