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U.S. Women's Soccer Team Advances to Finals Against Japan


I have never been a huge soccer fan, for the simple fact that I never really took the time to actually sit down and watch a match. It just seemed like the game was so long. After watching the semifinals match between the USA vs. Canada, all I can say is WOW! This could very easily be one of the best games in any sport I have ever seen. The match featured great athletes making fantastic, clutch plays in crucial moments of the game.

The U.S. defeated Canada 4-3 on Monday after 122-plus minutes of nonstop action. It was just too bad that someone had to lose because both teams gave it their all and left everything on the field. The game did involve a little controversy too. Towards the end of the game, the goalkeeper for Canada was called for holding the ball for more than six seconds which gave Team USA a free kick. Even the coach for team USA was surprised with the call and said she had never seen it before. That's not to say that call won the game for the U.S. or lost it for Canada; it was just unfortunate that the refs would make such a controversial call at such a crucial time in the game. In the end, the U.S. pulled it out with an amazing goal by Alex Morgan. They will now face Japan for the gold medal in what appears to be a rematch of the 2011 Women’s World Cup, which was won by Japan 3-2 in a shootout.

Even if you are not an avid soccer fan you have probably heard of players like Abby Wambach and Hope Solo. After this amazing performance by the U.S. team, I am sure we will be hearing about other players on the team as well. People might be talking about Wambach and Solo, but the hero (or shero in this case) in this game was definitely Alex Morgan.  Go Team USA! Bring home the gold!

PS—If you haven't gotten enough of Team USA yet, check out this video below for more details on the 123-minute game!




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