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Long Runs: The New Hangover Cure?

This was a big weekend for my body. At Saturday night's Asphalt Green Tri Club Gala, I put my calves to the test by wearing 4.5-inch stilettos and dancing for nearly four hours, and my liver got a workout processing three glasses of Pinot Grigio and a pint of Guinness (I love a good after party!). So you can imagine the state I was in on Sunday for my 15-mile long run.

Despite the major headache and the stiffness in my legs, it wasn't so bad being on the road. The sun was out, it was a balmy 45 degrees, and I had a chance to decompress after a night of socializing. (Sometimes it's nice to run alone.) After a few miles the pounding in my head began to subside, too. Maybe I was sweating out the hangover, or maybe the electrolytes in the sports drink I was sipping had a hand in helping me feel better.

I tried a new-to-me drink from Nutrilite yesterday, called ROC2O. Pro-distance runner Kara Goucher recently became a spokesperson for the brand and mentioned it on her blog, so I figured it was worth tasting. I was afraid the fruit punch flavor would be too sweet, but it was surprisingly easy to swallow while running (TMI, but the flavor of some sports drinks makes me gag). And by the time Andy Murray triumphantly stated, "Workout finished," I no longer felt like a sick dog. (How cute is the pup in this photo?)

Have you ever gone for a run with a hangover? How did you feel after?


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