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When it comes to upkeep, women don't have it easy. My husband's 'upkeep' is minimal at best (typical of most guys) and mine, on the other hand, seems extensive, time consuming, and expensive: hair needs highlights and a trim every 6 to 8 weeks; toes need regular pedicures (particularly during sandal season), fingernails need to be presentable...then there's waxing, shaving, moisturizing..aghh! It's almost a full-time job (and paycheck!) to keep up with everything! That's why I've cut back...and found some products that can help me look no time. Some of my favorites:

Bliss Poetic Waxing Kit: simply the BEST waxing kit around. Save time and money by NOT going to the salon. (One kit lasts months)

Nicole by OPI Nic's Sticks Hydrate It Paint and Go Nail Moisturizer: For a fresh-buffed look on nails, just paint this on (you can do it on the train). It dries within 2 minutes.

Bumble and Bumble Dry Shampoo: Just spray this all over roots, fluff with fingers and you're good to go. No shower+blowing dry (a huge time suck) necessary!

Sephora Anti-Bacterial Purifying Brush Shampoo spray: I hear all the time that dirty makeup brushes trigger breakouts, but who's got time to regularly suds up your brushes?! Just spray this on after using and let airdry. So simple!

One daily change: Figure out what you can do on your own...and just do it. Whether it comes to beauty--or working out to home videos instead of paying for a gym. You'll save money, time--and your sanity!


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