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Losing weight: it's a mind game

So I've dropped a lot of weight over the past year and a half (almost 20 pounds of baby weight) by not caring what the scale said. Sometimes I lost a pound a week, sometimes I lost nothing. But I just kept working out regularly and not depriving myself of eating what I want (I just ate when I was full, instead of stuffing my face). But now that I'm 7 pounds within of my goal (the weight I was before I gave birth to my first child), I gave myself an ultimatum: you've got to try to lose it by the end of September. And that's when everything changed: I told myself I couldn't have any extra rice at dinner, couldn't have a slice of dessert, and couldn't eat that piece of chocolate. And for the first time in 18 months, I started gaining weight, for no other reason than I started binging again. By passing on a small slice of brownie (a yummy gluten-free variety made by Namaste Foods) after dinner, I found myself scarfing down half a pan the next day. By not allowing myself a small second portion of dinner, I found myself binging on other snacks in the cupboard.

One daily change "Stop obsessing". This is what I told myself and it’s like my body breathed a sigh of relief. Those two pounds I gained are coming off...and I’m happier. And I’ve forgotten about the September 30 deadline. Whenever I get to my goal weight, I get to it.


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