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Loving The Biggest Loser

I don't really watch much TV because I'm either in the office, at the gym, or out with my friends, however, as the usual for me I was catching up on my Tivo'd shows last night. I've been meaning to see why The Biggest Loser was getting so much attention--some of my coworkers are always talking about it and the winners are splattered all over the covers of magazines--so it was time to see what this buzz was all about. Let me tell you, this show is truly amazing. (I even got teary-eyed for a bit.) These contestants have the biggest drive and a genuine passion for losing weight, but they don't just seem to be in it for shedding the pounds: a couple in their 60's wants to get back into shape to see their five grandchildren grow up; a father passed his bad eating habits on to his son and wants to break this unhealthy cycle together once and for all; and two teenagers who's lives are at risk and want to make it to their 30th birthday--all of these people showed me real reasons why obesity affects more than the numbers on the scale.  It kind of makes me feel ashamed for complaining that the extra five pounds I put on while in college I've still yet to lose.  But, like I've learned from working at Shape everyone is different and no matter the goal weight in mind, we all need to take care of ourselves to be our healthiest and most fit now. And even if you aren't fighting it out on television and you don't have a super sexy trainer pushing you along the way, try using magazines like Shape for inspiration and as a tool for getting healthy. That's what we're here for! [Check out our special issue on newsstands now, Make Over Your Body In 21 Days, to get started.]   


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