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Loving this lip blam!

As I've mentioned before, I sit next to Shape's beauty department (these editors have become some of my closest friends!) so I see--and get to try--all the new products that come through our door. I've always been a tad bit obsessive over beauty products growing up, my dressers at home resembled a beauty counter at a department store, so trying new makeup or lotions or hair serums is right up my alley. However, tearing me away from my favorite lipgloss, Florabundance by MAC, doesn't happen often, until the girls over at Ballmania sent me their Twist and Pout lip balm (with an SPF-20 too!). They look like a golf ball but with the cutest designs--so you twist it open and dip your finger in to moisturize your lips. My favorite is the Wild Thang design (, for $6.95).  The vanilla flavor tastes and feels part lip balm and part gloss, and looks just as pretty on my pucker as any lipstick would. I'm obsessed. Coming from the lipgloss queen, as my friends know me as, they'd be shocked to hear that I'm using something new. But, could I be addicted to lip balm or do I just like wearing it? I finally found out after reading a piece in our April issue of Shape (page 68)! 


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