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Lunch Date

Luckily my beautiful friend Sara and I had a lunch date today, since I didn’t have any groceries. I adore her adventurous attitude—when I told her about the Vegan Kickstart she was totally in! We went to the one-and-only Amsterdam Falafel & Kabob, a local favorite that reminds us of our high school days.

We both got falafel sandwiches (pita with falafel, red cabbage, chick peas, cucumbers, tomato, hummus, spices, more unidentified veggies) and split an order of curry fries. We just asked them to hold the sauce and it was a certified Vegan lunch… if a little fried. I’ll try to avoid that and eat fresh over the next three weeks, but it’s my first day, right?


Looks like a burger and fries, haha.  

Do you have friends who share your health habits?

Xo, Dorm Blogger


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