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Maintain Your Resolve

Did you make some lofty health resolutions this New Year’s? Or resolutions related to anything, for that matter?

The school year is starting to get really busy and my promises to myself to stay centered, practice a little yoga every day, and not eat out of boredom are starting to fall by the wayside. Are you still on track?

I try to be pretty forgiving of myself because with all of the other stressors swirling around (hello spring break plans and summer job/ semester abroad applications) it’s really not worth getting worked up over a few handfuls of Honey Nut Cheerios that I mindlessly downed while writing this post.  Here’s a little something that helps stay on track—especially when I’m on the go.

What gives when you start getting really busy and how do you get back on your game? Tell me how it’s going!

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