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Me & My Tri Suit

The fastest way to test your body confidence: slip on a wet suit. I've never experienced anything like my wetsuit shopping moment. No bikini/bathing suit dressing room excursion can quite match it. The wetsuit that fit me best (in my mind) was the one that slipped on easiest. But this was not the right suit for me, explained the sales clerk. The one that's best is the one that's tightest (now when have you ever bought an article of "clothing" where tightest is best...well, maybe Spanx...but that aside). So there I was (pic here), literally tugging every inch of the suit up over my body (it was definitely not easy getting it over my thighs and butt)-and it accentuated every single curve, extra padding and all! But as the sales clerk said: wet suits have to be skin tight (you can buy a lube-like spray called Tri Glide that helps you get the darned thing on) so no water gets between the suit and your tri outfit...creating drag.

But as I write this, I'm on the Acela train on my way back from Baltimore (where I was at the American College of Sports Medicine conference)...passing right by the Schuylkill River in Philadelphia, which is where I'll be swimming in about a month's time during my tri. I have to be totally honest, I'm a bit panicked. In fact, I'm downright scared-and have been having my share of water nightmares recently. I've never really swim outside the swimming ropes in any river or body of water.

But as I say in my May editor's letter in the magazine, you've got to take on new challenges (within reason) to continually that's where I'm headed!


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